Ph.D., Professor

    Microfluidics System Group

    Group Leader


    Education and working experiences: 

    2018-2021 General grant, National Science Foundation of China

    “Microdroplet-MALDI-TOF for bacteria identification”, PI, 0.8M for 4 yrs

    2018-2019 Scientific Instrument Development Program, CAS, PI, 2.9M for 2 yrs

    2015-2018 General grant, NSFC, “Microfluidic-based Raman activated cell sorter”, PI, 0.8M

    for 4 yrs

    2014-2017 Scientific Instrument Development Program, NSFC,“ Instrument development of

    Single-cell Genetic Analyzer”; Co-PI; RMB 3.0M for 4 yrs

    2016-2018 Science and Technology Service (STS) Network Program, CAS,“ Science and

    Technology Service Network for high-throughput Biological Analysis”; Co-PI;

    RMB 2.5M for 3 yrs

    2012-2014 Scientific Instrument Development Program, CAS, “Development of instrument

    for single cell genomics and cultivation”; Co-PI; RMB2.3M for 2 yrs 

    Since 2015.1 Professor. Single Cell Center, QIBEBT, CAS,China
    2012.8-2014.2 Associate Professor, QIBEBT, CAS, China
    2010.12-2012.7 Post Doc, Rice University, USA
    2009.7-2010.11 Post Doc Texas A&M, USA
    2008.6-2009.6 Post Doc, UCLA, USA
    2008.5 Ph.D. in analytical chemistry, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS,China,
    2001.7 M.Sc. in analytical chemistry, Sichuan University, China,
    1998.7 B.Sc. in chemistry, China West Normal University, China

    Research interests:

    Microfluidic (lab on a chip) single cell technologies, Biosensor, Microbiome



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