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    Functional Genomics Group

    Our group focuses on the system biology and synthetic biology underlying the biological processes that convert light and CO2 to biofuels. First, using the oleaginous microalgae Nannochloropsis spp. as the model system in photosynthetic biofuels, we dissect the genetic basis, evolution, and regulatory network of energy aglae, and construct genetically engineered Nannochloropsis with high carbon fixation rate and oil productivity. Second, we used Clostridium spp. as a model in cellulosic biofuels to study the mechanisms of biological cellulose conversion and to design artificial cells with high cellulose degradation efficiency. Third, with our collaborators across the globe, we are developing and applying single-cell sorting and sequencing technologies on key areas such as soil metabolism, ocean carbon sink and human microbiota. These efforts are allowing us to develop and validate the theory of Single-cell Bioprocess Engineering.

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