Bioinformatics Group

    The research interests of the group is to develop method and technology of bioinformatics and system biology, as well as its application in microbiology. They include: 1. Metagenomic analysis, i.e. method and algorithm development for microbial metagenomics and single-cell analysis, which is crucial for mining of microbial functional genes and synthetic bioloby. 2. Methods for omics analysis in energy-producing microbes: development of new method in microbial omics data analysis, and to apply this method to on the mechanism of oil-production in microalgae. 3. Databases of energy-producing microbes: systematic integration of multi-scale (single-cell and microbiota) genotype and phenotype data in biofuel-producing microbes. 4. High-performance-computing platform for bioinformatics: methodology for high-performance-data analysis for microbiota, and CRC high-performance-computing center ( The three research platforms are bioinformatics method development, bioinformatics application, and electronic engineering for biology.


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